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  • free in Belgium to our dispatch: 0800-20 375 (outside Belgium +32 11 66 71 15)
  • • Our mobile number
    0496/25 05 32
    (outside Belgium +32 496 25 05 32)
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About Jannis Express

We carry any item, in the widest sense of the term, from small to large, even up to loads of several pallets, all round Europe.

Our fleet is made up of delivery vehicles, large and small, which can carry up to 1250 kg. We will send you a detailed journey log by e-mail afterwards.

We transport your product whenever it suits you: during the day or overnight, and we deliver at the time that you specify.

ADR goods can also be carried. We hold a licence to carry all ADR consignments (with the exception of explosives - class 1 and radioactive materials - class 7). We also hold a licence to transport live fishes / birds within a deadline of 8 hours.

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Once your goods have been loaded or unloaded, we will send you an SMS giving the exact delivery time if you wish.

We have a small warehouse available if you need to store your goods for a while.

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