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The price includes:

  • one loading address
  • one unloading address

Each additional stop is billed at €12,00.

Loading and unloading
Prices include fifteen minutes of loading time and fifteen minutes of unloading time.
Additional time: €12,00 per fifteen minutes.
Loading and unloading is according to CMR standards (the client is in charge of loading and unloading).
In case of manual treatment (handling), an extra charge of € 0.08 will be included.

For consignments sent COD, a supplement of €6 is charged.
Costs such as tolls, customs, ship crossings, train, Eurotunnel, etc are payable by the client and will be charged.
When during a traject we need to pass through or deliver in cities with high changes of trafic jam like Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, London, etc., a one time charge of €20 will be included in the price. Moreover, for deliveries within the area of a national or provincial capital, an additional cost of 15 euros per assignment is charged.
An additional overnight premium of €70 will be charged for any journey in excess of 900 km (of which 90 % on highways).

With the quote, the number of kilometres will be finally calculated by a computer program, starting from and returning to our headquarters and weighted by a factor of 1.08 (to cover diversions, etc). Where no quote has been given, the actual number of kilometres driven will be billed. You will always receive a journey log by e-mail. Additional loading or unloading times will be billed by reference to the journey record or transport documents.
In the case of ADR goods, and for weekend services, a supplement of 20% will be added to the price.
Weekend starts on Friday 15h and ends on Monday morning 6h. The same for holidays (from 15h the previous day until 6h the day after).

In case the traject is longer than 450 km, you will receive a discount of 2 % on the kilometers. Per 225 km on top of the 450 km, you will receive 1 % discount with a maximum of 10 %.
When you pay cash, you will receive a discount of 5 % on the kilometer price.

Calculate your price via our online calculator


  • Here at Jannis Express, transport is a personal affair: we are a small company, but this means that we can provide a much more personal service. We take your needs on board
  • Transport all over Europe
  • We are always just a phone call away, 24/7, on 0032 496 250 532 or 00 32 11 663 715
  • Our prices are net of VAT
  • ADR licence
  • Transport licence
  • Goods are insured as per CMR standards
  • Call us for a free no-obligation quote to fit the bill
  • Payment conditions: 30 days net, to be paid into account number
  • Discount for longer distances: from 2 % up to 10 % on the kilometer price.
  • 5% discount for cash payment

Last update : 01/01/2023